Ezra Miller. Quick character sketch

in #art2 months ago

I am clearly convinced that there are no ugly people in this world, no ugly faces.

Who are we to judge someone's appearance?
How can we determine that a person is ugly if everyone is unique in their own way?
You will not find more eyes, lips and hair like this "ugly" person. Is this not a reason to change your opinion about the appearance of people?
However, I admit that there are people in my life whose faces I really want to paint. It has nothing to do with the concept of beauty, no. It's just that the image of a person seems special or understandable, attractive.


I look at a person's face and with my fingers in the air I mentally draw his features, as if I were touching him. Very unusual, I would even say a personal feeling.


I decided to open my list of "favorite faces" with a quick portrait of Ezra Miller.


His face has always seemed familiar to me and very organic. Of course, everyone sees faces in their own way and I seem to have a very romantic image. But I still like this sketch, I hope you like it too)


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