Reading the natal chart for youtuber who recently blew up

in astrology •  2 months ago 

This video covers:

1.45 why sun sign astrology is not enough
2.15 why Astrology isn't scientific but still works
3.00 How each culture interprets Astrology
3.45 Saturn Pluto conjunct & its destructive effects throughout history most recently 2020
5.35 millonaires dont use astrology billionaires do
6.30 Kelly Stamps Chart Reading Begins
7.25 Jupiter Capricorn - The planet of Luck
8.30 Mercury in Taurus - Speaking out the things you want
9.30 Mars in Taurus - Driven by Creativity & Sensuality
11.30 Gemini Sun - The magician of the Zodiac
11.45 Saturn in Aires - A Calculating Leader
12.30 North Node in Gemini (now) our collective destiny
14.00 Sagattirus South Node (now) our collective past
15.30 Nodal Transit - Signal to success
17.45 Scorpio Moon -Seductive & Secretive
19.40 North Node Libra - Kelly Stamps Soul DIrection
21.15 Uranus in Aquarius - Progressive Generation
22.00 Neptune in Capricorn - The disillusioned youth
23.15 Uranus in Taurus Transit - Fast track to success

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