Bitshares Stance 22.02.2020

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I chose a cool date to check what is going on with Bitshares the older brother of STEEM and EOS as they are both based on graphene code.

Binance BTS/BTC Chart

Steady going up and down. Looks like accumulation phase.

Bitshares Markets

Good exchanges here especially Huobi and Binance i also trade Livecoin. Lbank is mostly for bots an Hitbtc i suggest to avoid for now. Rest i didnt use but i know they are fine.

Blockchain Usage vs Others

Top12 not bad, while EOS and STEEM are also close. Of course could be better but some exchanges of BTS closed lately.

Market Cap and Volume

Not bad at all but how could it be bad on BTS :)


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I've had bts since it was protoshares. Was one of the first ones mining that chain.

wow you are oldsCOOL

lol I wish I had kept all my bts. Frittered it away on petty shit when it was $.005-$.01 and missed the run up. Was also a MF'r when shit heads wouldn't tell anyone how to mine steem, Dan just said "It's in the code", same as Fuzzy and even Xeroc wouldn't say shit. Been a roller coaster with Larimer. The bts forum then was pretty active.


i've had $bts since i discovered steemit - it would be nice to see the original DEX make a comeback soon ;)

yeah they are twins

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I have an EOS account and it doesn't work. I learned that there are other EOS users who are in my same situation. I do not explain how EOS can be in first place.

that i cant help with :/

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