On Class Hate

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Why do you hate the rich so much? Regardless of your location we are on average experiencing levels of wealth previously unknown to humanity.

Taking location into account, North Americans, Europeans in general (especially 'Western' Europe) and Australians experience relative levels of wealth far above the average compared with the rest of the World.

There is almost nothing you want that isn't available today, as far as the basics are concerned. Yet some of the loudest calls for socialism stem from these regions.

Why? Am genuinely interested in hearing your thoughts about class stratification and the growing love for Marxism, especially among Millennials. I'll admit I have my own bias on the issue already, but I am interested nonetheless in reading yours.


marxism = victim mentality.
Vicim mentality = all the crap that comes with left wing bs (class, rasicsm, sexism, homophobia, blah ,blah)

It's all about needing someone to hate, to blame, to b jelous of, to be , blah blah becuase 'they' feel so vitimized. Poor babies.
(mal developed manchidren).
Good times beed soft people. The decandence in the west...

The higher iq indiviusals (the manipulators) become their leaders.