Hive harvest... Farm and off grid dreams.

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Some amazing moments that I captured this harvest.

I am super happy that I got a chance to enjoy this wonderful moment.


Please respect the wonderful bees and everything that they do for us. If it wasn't for them there would be no life on this planet and I definitely would have no cannabis.

Yep that's right every cannabis plant in history has been pollinated by bees to get the seeds. sure you can always say that man had a helping hand and a bunch of it but overall the far majority of it has been done by bees and bees alone.

honey is an absolutely amazing product and I can't wait to see some cannabis honey one of these days.

personally I think it'd be an amazing thing but my plans for getting a bee integrated aquaponics system would be pretty extreme and far out.

Cannabis honey it is definitely something that I would be really interested to try let alone all the health benefits.

And I can just imagine growing all of this in an amazing aquaponics setup.

Eventually I will finally get to do this myself again.

My last time I grew was hydroponics and I was actually staging it for some aquaponic action.

Which definitely would have brought my expenditures for nutrients down significantly.

I am super excited for my next grow. I have learned this year that I definitely miss it very much.let alone my puppy deserves his very own farm so he can runs really fast and get to enjoy life on his own property.

And because this website has empowered me and this puppy dog we are taking our dream to the next level and even with the recent price fall we still see a huge future here.

And of course seeing the activity graphs of different blockchains...

I am definitely very excited to be in this wonderful ecosystem.

Because I spoke weed like everyday because I smoke weed like everyday because I'm so high I smoke weed like everyday because it's my favorite song I might as well smoke some more weed.

Update on this crazy fluffy dog he absolutely loves to be wild and we are getting quite a bit more active with runnings and him wanting to get into so much more adventure and fun.

He really is absolutely amazing and the best dog ever.

What happens when you have an amazing dog by an amazing breeder is you end up snuggling up with somebody really cool.

And because the temperature is really haven't gotten super far down. It is actually kind of nice that he isn't super demanding on getting under the covers.

Yet. Because I know that day is definitely coming and it's coming very quickly.

Just wait this super high energy puppy dog is going to be going absolutely crazy very soon coming to be with a quickness.

Puppy dog is 10 weeks old and already going wild.

He still hasn't understood how fetch works. But he definitely knows all about playing tug of war that's for sure.


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lovely pictures! What a joy to capture :)

Thank you I was pretty happy to get a chance to capture this moment.

I had to run to grab my phone because I had forgotten it oops...