Random Pics: Advent Countdown Day 4

in blog •  4 months ago  (edited)

Good day everyone! Hmmm, let's see. Which pic should I share today...

The snOwMEN


There really isn't a good story for this little knick knack. It is a favorite in the household and is always displayed in a common area.

Upon reflecting for today's post though I could make a case for the snOwMEN. I could say that we've had this piece before we had children. Way back when children weren't even in the vernacular of our relationship.

I could even further say that perhaps the snOwMEN knew what our life was going to be like in the future even though we couldn't see it.

Now I can't speak much on the gender differences of snowmen aaaaaand snow women, but i'm sure a case can be made in this picture that there are definitely 2 snowmen (one big and one small) and two snow women (one big and one small). If that case can be made, then there is credence to the thought that the snOwMEN either 1. Knew the whole time or 2. Used their magic to turn our relationship into a matching caricature of this figurine.

Until tomorrow!


A special good day to the #downvote army that has taken a keen attention to my posts. If any of you ever care to leave any real proof of brain on my posts other than serial downvotes, i'd greatly appreciate it. Until then, I still wish you the best.

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