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Today wasn't one of my best days... From the very beginning, the Universe was upside-down... No, it wasn't because of the crazy crypto markets with drops in the value of almost every cryptocurrency... It was just one of those days...

I was scrolling down in my news feed here on Steem and somehow, the only bad news was popping out... One guy was spamming all around in my #CTP tribe, while Scotbot was stopped completely without refreshing the new content for all the tribes... Steem was working OK, that was positive... :)


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Anyway, as tribes didn't work, I couldn't curate other posts at CTPtalk and probably, that was another thing that was frustrating for me... It is now fixed, there is a delay with post publishing, but it will be sorted out in a few hours (or less)...

On the other side, I have seen that I have received a strange downvote (not too big to be worried about) and just after checking CTP Discord, @jongolson commented that he also received downvote because he was upvoted by SBI account?!?! So, the craziness with downvoting continues...

SBI units are usually a gift to someone for his work, or as a gesture of respect, gratitude... and SBI upvotes aren't usually big ones, a few cents... But it looks, that is a problem for someone out there...

Unfortunately, the game of downvotes is turned out as not so good solution on the platform... Yes, they have fixed some things with abusing bid bots and spamming on the platform (at a certain level), but I have a feeling that those things could be solved in another way... I don't want to go deeper into this, but there are other ways...

At the end of the day, I've got a bad headache so I have quit my Steem feed exploration... I didn't want to use that as an excuse to not write my daily blog post and here I am... IN and OUT for tonight...

And, I don't want to finish my post in a bad mood... In the last 24 hours, I have received a bunch of great comments on my yesterday post and some of my comments... And I can just say that I'm grateful to be here on STEEM, discovering and meeting some awesome new people every day!!!

I'm sure that tomorrow will be a great day.


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Hi Zoltan, the prick behind the downvote is a hacker and needs to get kicked out of Steem and the internet entirely. These sorts of trolls hide behind anonymity, too scared to take off their masks. Person looks very familiar, I've seen this one on other sites, next to the demand to pay or else site gets deleted. Report him/her to Steem and let the whales deal the fatal blow! Here's his manifesto crap:

It's just an egoistic childish person... No worries... And bigger players are already doing what they can to control the thing...

Well done posting despite your headache @ph1102, and hope you are well after a nights sleep, yeah Steem-engine has been acting up a lot lately, let's hope they can sort out all those growing pains.

As to downvoting for SBI, that is just messed up, as to the downvote that you have on this post, that account has been around forever, at least as long as I have been posting on my personal account, for some reason beyond me they want to take down Steem from the inside, and other accounts acting in a similar way but very new ones is also something I have noticed, no idea if they are connected to this one, but if they get hold of too many free accounts that could be a problem down the road, right now it's not even pennies.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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I'm not too worried about my downvotes, just the logic of downvoting SBI posts is wrong... Those units are usually a gift from someone and downvoting someone innocent (recevied the gift) is totally wrong....

Thanks @ph1102, and I totally agree with that, keep up your awesome work.

we all have days like that, where the universe just doesn't seem to sync. Ignore the flags and steem on.

Thanks, I will!