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What a crazy week in the Cryptocurrency Markets! Bitcoin has literally gained about 40% in a few days, which is pretty nuts.

Is this the last chance for people to buy Bitcoin under $10,000? 🤷‍♂️

I'm currently seeing lots of "FOMO" and "Excitement" going on right now and people are once again "screaming" Bitcoin is going to $20,000!! 🙆‍♂️

In my opinion, we "might" see a nice correction (which we somewhat seen already from $10,350) from here, back to around the mid 8,000's.

However, anything can happen! Bitcoin has a mind of its own and with all the crazy euphoria I'm seeing, we can just moon up from here to $12k before a slight correction.

(My midterm (1 year) Bullish Prediction "chart" is above). 📊

I can see a huge run up to $20,000 before the halvening then back to around $12,000 with another correction back then continuing to new highs toward the end of 2020. 📅

At the end of the day, like I said many times before... If you have a long term plan (2-5) years, you are going to look back and say to yourself...

"Bitcoin use to be $3000-$10,000??, That was so fuckin' cheap... OMG!" 😂

Be careful guys, we still have higher lows right now and this can be a huge trap. We may take a huge dump from here if Bitcoin doesn't bounce in the mid $8,000 if it ever gets there. 💩

So the question is... is this the last time to buy Bitcoin under $10,000? In 2-5 years, yes it will and you are going to be kicking yourself in the ass with tons of regret for not taking any action in 2019 -2020.

Is this his is financial advise? Fuck No, I'm just a "dude" on the internet. 😅

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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You are just a dude living in Sin City! Hahhaha

Damn You! HAHA

Man, I hope so!! My bags are packed, I'm ready for blast off to the moon :)

I’m not prepared yet, I still need to do some packin’ ... I’ll meet you at the moon! 🤣🚀🌝

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Anime doesn't lie😬 heading to $16K lol 🚀

Posted using Partiko Android

I can’t take advise from a cartoon character 😅🤣

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You only take advise from Schiff lol

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He’s a smart dude, I followed him since 2005 😂😂

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there is a popular opininon about btc cycles, so the nest highest peak must be in 2 years (once for 4 years)

You know your stuff lol... 2021 is going to be a big year 😀

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I wanna 2020 be a great year too;)

Generally agree with you, another flag forming, could drop to around 7k one more time before the halvening FOMO really kicks in... by the turn of the year (possibly sooner).

Lots of people are planning to front run the halvening, it can happen anytime right now 😬

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Yes to it all but I want some alt coin action happening soon🤪💜

We need some of that steem action 🤑

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well hopefully this is the time :D

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