Frying Pan

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My aged frying pan is getting close to it’s end of life.

As such I went hunting for a frying pan. But Guess what? In Singapore frying pans are expensive.

I finally found a nice one on Amazon that cost usd$39.99. I thought the price was as reasonable until I tried to buy and delivery to Singapore. It adds up to S$117 for the exact same thing. Half the price went into delivery.

So sad, I went on to Singapore’s online merchants. But I didn’t find any cost effective ones.

I have looked into stainless steel with laser etched pattern ones to create a non-stock surface.

Let me should you want I mean by laser etched.


The pan come in a nice carrying box as shown



So. How much did it cost ? Nothing. It was a gift when a Friend who bought an extra from China some time ago.

The next challenge is to see if it’s too heavy compared to the old one.

Wish me luck.

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That looks like something that might last a lifetime.

  ·  4 days ago Reveal Comment
  ·  5 days ago Reveal Comment