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Fuck you Justin, we're moving to Hive.

Fuck Justin Sun

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Thanks homie

danggg, looking good Wes!

Thanks man. I thought I had lost it for a minute.

nah, your craftmanship is just like driving, you'll never forget how :D. The last pic takes me back to oldschool Cuba times, even though I've never been there

I was actually talking about my drone and how I almost lost it in the water, lol.

Wow lovely shots! 😍😍 what a drone! Good thing you could fly in so well 😊😊

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Thanks. I’ve crashed it a few times back in the day. I get pretty reckless with it trying to get some of the shots.

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Ouahh! Simply beautiful, great that you enjoyed you trip.

Thanks man. We still have a few days here and we are not looking forward to going home and getting back to normal life.