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Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Rest and Relaxation


Just what the doctor ordered. While we were in Bangkok, we spent most of our time hustling around from one place to another. Whether it was a Temple, a venue for Steem Fest, or just going out exploring the city.

Now that we are in Pattaya we are taking things a bit slower. We spent the morning at the beach which is literally across the street from the resort we are staying at. Then this afternoon we went to The Sanctuary of Truth, which was totally amazing.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

We don't have any plans tomorrow, so we will be spending a lot of the day in the sun relaxing. @faitherz33 is down at the beach right now working on her heart homework, which is a monthly packet of self love exercises.

I just wanted to get this quick update post out and share some of the pictures I took with my drone this morning. It was scary flying my drone here because as I was out flying it, I was lowering it down to get closer to the water and I was about 30 meters high and probably about 200 feet out from the shore and then I lost my video feed and all control of my drone. I thought it would reconnect so I waited a couple minutes, but without any luck, I hit the return to home button and after about 10 seconds I could hear my drone getting closer, but I couldn't control it still.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

There were power lines and palm trees all over the area where I was and I was worried that the drone would drop right into one of them as it lowered down to the area I lifted off from. Luckily my drone is smart enough to go pretty high up when it is returning and then drop straight down when it gets above the lift off area and then the sensors will let it know if there is anything below it. But as is it was lowering to me, a police car with its lights on started coming down the road towards me and I thought I was about to get a huge fine because I was standing there with my arms up trying to grab my drone mid air as the cop was driving up. Luckily it kept on driving and went right passed me.

So all in all I was lucky and didn't get a fine and didn't crash my drone into the ocean. I am going to probably fly my drone up again tomorrow though, so hopefully I don't have any problems again. I am going to launch from inside the resort property that way I can hide a bit easier. Plus I plan on doing a @travelfeed review on the place we are staying, because it is pretty awesome and I think it would be perfect for other travelers and photographers to know about where we are staying.

Anyways, I better get out to the beach because the sun about to go down and I wanted to watch it with Faith. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post. You are awesome!

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Thanks homie

danggg, looking good Wes!

Thanks man. I thought I had lost it for a minute.

nah, your craftmanship is just like driving, you'll never forget how :D. The last pic takes me back to oldschool Cuba times, even though I've never been there

I was actually talking about my drone and how I almost lost it in the water, lol.

Wow lovely shots! 😍😍 what a drone! Good thing you could fly in so well 😊😊

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Thanks. I’ve crashed it a few times back in the day. I get pretty reckless with it trying to get some of the shots.

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Ouahh! Simply beautiful, great that you enjoyed you trip.

Thanks man. We still have a few days here and we are not looking forward to going home and getting back to normal life.