DBLOG is enabled on HIVE

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Which blockchain do you recently use for blogging, STEEM or HIVE? We, DBLOG, do not have a preference and do want to focus on making value with the platform and giving it back to bloggers. Although the value the platform is currently making is limited, we want to keep working to make it greater for the bloggers on STEEM & HIVE blockchain.

Therefore, DBLOG has been enabled on HIVE blockchain, and it will remain on STEEM blockchain, too. So, when you write on hive.blog or peakd.com, if you use the tags #dblog #writing #blog, your posts will appear on dblog.io.

We, DBLOG, hope that your time on both STEEM and HIVE blockchain would be great and one day your experience on both chains would be rewarded.

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is vote still given out according to amount staked?
Also, anyway to contact you on discord or something?

This means if you post with #dblog on Hive, your post will appear dblog.io, too. However, DBLOG is on STEEM blockchain. SO, THE VOTING MECHANISM IS NOT CHANGED.

Best way to contact me is through twitter.

Sorry for the late response.

Followed you on twitter.
I am skeptical about the payouts I am getting. Can you check and confirm if I am getting proper votes? Haven't seen dblog.suporter either..

It is temperarily fixed. Your post will be upvoted by @dblog.supporter on a daily basis.