@dblog.supporter & @dblogbasicincome upvote lists updated! and THE RULE CHANGE

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The Upvote Lists are Updated

If you stake DBLOG on your account, there is the possibility that you can get upvotes from @dblogbasicincome and @dblog.supporter. If you stake any amount of DBLOG, @dblogbasicincome upvotes your post on a daily basis. If you stake at least 100 DBLOG and write a high-quality post(= a lengthy post), @dblog.supporter upvotes your post on a daily basis.

Today, the upvote lists for both @dblogbasicincome and @dblog.supporter are updated. So, if you stake DBLOG, you will be upvoted.

The Rule Change for @dblog.supporter

Currently, if you stake more than 100 DBLOG and write a post containing more than 200 words, your post could be upvoted by @dblog.supporter and @hjlee119 with more than 240K DBLOG POWER. @hongdangmu is behind this support system for high-quality posts on dblog.io.

However, there has been a rule change for @dblog.supporter. The minimum word count is changed from 200 words to 400 words.

There are two reasons for this change. First, we want to reward high-quality posts on dblog.io. Of course, a high-quality post is not always a lengthy post. However, we strongly believe the most important in-post SEO starts with the concept of text length. We want to reward bloggers' time and effort. Second, @dblog.supporter experiences the short of the voting mana.

In the near future, the minimum requirement of DBLOG stake for @dblog.supporter will also increase because of the inflation of DBLOG tokens.

Then, you might wonder how long you should write on dblog.io to be upvoted by @dblog.supporter. After the rule changed, @dblog.supporter is still upvoting the posts according to the new rule of 400 words. Some of the posts upvoted by @dblog.supporter are:

[AAA] 스윗하트(Sweetheart, 2018) by @realprince

UST sacked FEU by @baa.steemit

You might be able to have some idea about this word requirement. Thank you very much for being part of dblog.io.

Don't forget to use the tag #dblog when you post on Steem blockchain!

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Only one vote per day?

I'm asking you this because some os my posts don't receive upvotes.

Yes, 1 per day, 7 per week. That is the rule.

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Thanks for the clarification, but As I mentioned all ready 200 words and up is plenty to get non spammy good QUALITY posts! in response to what you said above , 400 words is not always Quality and just because its long it does not mean they spent hours working on it, A lot of it is quite often copy pasted in to make it longer. Anyways its your perogative to do what you want, thats just my humble opinion! keep up the great work, I really love posting in #dblog and im staking all tokens I recieve, with 187.47 now Staked!❤👍 Upped 💯 and resteemed to spread the word about the word increase. 👍📚

Hi @dblogger , Does this post I just put up count as 400 words for the @dblog.supporter upvote!? it took me 4 hrs including the photo shoot while I was cooking and uploading all the pics, plus creating my post. Just curious for the future what is required, thank You!

I have DBLOG tokens staked in my account mobi72.dblog ... reason is RC ... in this way I upvote more DBlog users then with my original account mobi72. But, I mostly post from my account @mobi72, and I am not getting any upvote on the posts from that account.

Please enlist my account @mobi72 in the voting list.

Thanks & Have a nice day

That might not be possible and fair. If I do that for you, we have to do that for all the users who use a second account for curation. So, if you could send 100 DBLOG from @mobi72.dblog to @mobi72 and stake, that would solve the problem. Thanks for your understanding. :D

This would be the most fair solution I have ever got for any of my problem/issue from anyone, I like it. Staked 300 DBLOGs in @mobi72 account.

Thanks & Wish you a lovely day

Updated! Thanks for your understanding!

I stopped receiving upvote from @dblo.supporter 4 days ago and I have over 1,000 dblog staked and also posting more than 400 words.

Please, be patient with us. The support is coming to you. Thanks.

Thanks for your kind response.

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