@dblog.supporter RULE CHANGE: word count 400 to 300

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A very short notice!

We found that the users find it hard to write a post containing more than 400 words. So the minimum word count for @dblog.supporter curation changed to 300 words.

Currently, @dblog.supporter has 150K DBLOG POWER plus 12K SP and @hjlee119 with 240K DBLOG POWER also supports this curation. To get upvoted by @dblog.supporter, you must hold more than 100 DBLOG POWER on your account and write a post containing more than 300 words. Then, you can get upvotes on a daily basis.

The minimum requirement of holding DBLOG POWER will increase as the inflation of DBLOG goes. And we are updating the DBLOG holder twice a month. If you currently staked more than 100 DBLOG your account, let us know by commenting on this post.

Thanks for being part of https://dblog.io.

Don't forget to use the tag #dblog when you post on Steem blockchain!

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I have staked more and become 200 Dblog Power

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Glad to see it be 300, 200 words was quite easy 400 was a stretch but 300 I agree is the sweet spot.

Also I stake more than a 100

Good to hear, it will give users that cannot write up to 400 words meet up. Thanks for making dblog.io a better platform. For your information I have over 10K DBLOG Staked already.

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You are doing an awesome job. I really need to get to writing again.
Currently +12k DBlog staked

좋은 결정입니당~^^ 💙

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That's a nice change and really stacking as much as possible for now ;)

I'm still not quite sure what DBlog is.

You can read through the past posts by @dblogger and @rokyupjung.

To be short, Dblog is a blogging platform where the content makes value in many ways and that value will only return back to the bloggers. For instance, Dblog is already making value by Google Ads on the website now, and the value generated by Google Ads will be given back to the bloggers according to their DBLOD stakes.

When steemit.com makes revenue from a variety of ads, it takes all revenue but Steemians never get the rewards from ads. Unlike steemit.com, dblog.io will take all value generated with the platform to the bloggers. The team is working to diversify the profit in many ways.

That is the basic idea.

So just by holding your token, I would be rewarded X amount of DBlog tokens or would I be payed Steem? Google ads does not accept crypto at this time, so how would you show us what is being bought and shared via the revenue through the ads? Is it based on who has how many of your token and given out in dividends?? Every day or once a week or month or?

We got paid in USD from Google. Then, we have to find a way to bring it back to the DBLOG holders, presumably in STEEM, which might be the most suitable solution.

But our discussion is not there yet. I told you the basic concept and Dblog is a month old.

That's great. Hopefully, we'd be seeing a detailed post from @dblogger in the near future about it as well.

That's something I could really get behind if it means buying steem and redistributing it to #dblog members! I may have to pick up a few. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions :)

In addition, POS reward pool takes up 40% of the total reward pool in Dblog. Therefore, you can be rewarded DBLOG tokens by holding DBLOG tokens.

I staked over 2k.

Good News,..i will active here,.. my stake #dblo-tokens now 1,409 Power Up,..I am happy now

@dblogger, These changes are appreciable aspect team.

Yes, i have staked more than 100 Dblog Tokens team.

Good wishes from my side and keep up the good work. Stay blessed.

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