Steemauto terminated the service on STEEM blockchain.

in dblog •  15 days ago 


Sadly, Steemauto stopped working on STEEM blockchain. Therefore, it will be impossible for the account, @dblog.supporter to constantly upvote the posts by DBLOG holders. Instead, the account, @dblogger, will maually upvote the wonderful posts on Thank you for being with us.


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Isn't there another service you could use?

I found that there is the one called Steemvoter and am currently giving it a try.
However, the manual curation could be a good option, too.

thanks 💙💙💙

Thanks for the information, its just so sad that there is no other way of reaching to the teams aside when you dropped your update.

You can send DM with Twitter. Thanks.

Okay, thank you so much