Fighting From A Position Of Disadvantage

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When you are exhausted, you do not have much energy to fight. You are very tired, it would be difficult to make your move. When you are not tired, you can easily fight. What you expect, that might not happen. And most of the time, you are in a position of disadvantage.

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In a fighting competition, fighters are usually equal in skill level, weight, and strength. It is fair to have a fight between those fighters since their skills are matched. It makes world of difference when you are being attacked.

The attackers are stronger, bigger, and have the advantage. So fighting with someone from a position of disadvantage is difficult. And this is what you usually face when you fight in real life. When you practice martial arts, keep that in mind and train like that.


There can be a surprise attack. You can be distracted and the attackers can take advantage of the moment. Before understanding what's going on, they already hit you. You might be shocked. The sooner you recover and get back, the better. You need to face and take steps to protect yourself.

If you see the attackers are bigger in number or, they have weapons, you need to decide what to do. If you find a way to escape from there, you should do so. What matters most is to defend yourself and get back home safe.

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This great. I love it when one fight to defend not to fight to destruction. I would love to learn more of martial arts bro.

Glad to know that. Thank you for reading this post and giving your feedback!

It's my pleasure friend. Those skill really helps on defense.