How Do You Stand In A Fight?

The way you hold yourself gives the signal to other people. The bad guys can quickly find the soft target. When someone is being attacked, it seems a random attack. It is not. Before attacking, the attackers have some sort of plan. They do not pick up everyone to attack.

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There is a stage before starting a fight. The attacker watches and makes a decision instantly whether he will attack or not. Your posture and body language are very important. If your head is down, you are not confident, you can be their target. When your shoulders are up and you look confident, the attackers will think twice to make their move.

In a fighting competition, it is pretty basic how you stand in a fight. You usually stand in a fighting stance. Your opponent will attack you to win the fight. His intention is not to get money, kidnap you or just hurt you. The attacker in real life is not going to fight to get the trophy.

In a confrontation stage when the fight has not started yet, how you position yourself will give you an advantage. Do not stand face to face putting your two legs in front of the attacker, stand in a sideway. And just move yourself a little side to the attacker. From that point, the attacker will not find it easy to launch an attack.

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If the attacker moves, you can move and change your position, you are still on the side of the attacker. While you are talking from this position, keep your hands up and keep it open. In case the attacker strikes you, your hands are already there. So you can parry and defend yourself from his strike. At the same time, you can quickly attack and take control of the situation.

You do not want to fight, but if you are being attacked, you can deal with that in a better way when you are ready. I highly recommend learning martial arts and self-defense. Reading posts or watching videos can enrich your knowledge and give you some idea but there is no alternative to learning martial arts and how to deal with the situation.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Are you a martial art professional yourself. You explain couple of things vey professionally. Easy to understand language

Well, I usually don't talk about my background in martial arts. Just to answer your question, I'm a martial art instructor and have some experience.