Make Your Move Based On How Your Opponent Responds

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If you punch on a punching bag, it will swing and move back. If you kick on a kick bag, it will move from there. The punching bag or kick bag will not punch or kick you. When you punch or kick your opponent if he gets hit, he can move, but he can also fight back instantly.

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You are not fighting with a dummy that will stand there and do nothing. So when you fight, you have to adjust and make your move based on your opponent's reaction. Let's talk about this in context with an example.

You can watch this video. I'm going to talk about this to show what I mean. So what can you do if someone grabs your shirt from behind?

When someone grabs your shirt, your normal reaction is to see who is grabbing your shirt. Grab the attacker's hand while turning back. Then you can move your legs behind his leg and use your other hand to put pressure on his chin and make him fall on the ground. And this is what you watch in the video.

Here when you grab the attacker's hand after turning back, the attacker still grabs your shirt. If he does not do anything or you do it so quickly, he has no idea what's going to happen, you can execute this technique successfully.

However, if the attacker senses that what you are about to do, he will grab your shirt tightly and might pull you. So what you plan to do, you are not able to do that. No problem. You see that the attacker has his body balance. You can hit his face or slightly kick his leg.

As soon as the attacker loses his balance, you can take him down easily. Or, you can strike him and get rid of that. So what you make your move, pay attention to how your opponent responds, you have to make your move based on that.

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Easier said than done, but it works! :-) Hopefully I never have to use it in real life. Thanks for showing this though. You never know when that extra piece of knowledge you pick up can make a huge difference.

You never know when that extra piece of knowledge you pick up can make a huge difference.

I completely agree with that. What you are learning now, that comes in handy one day.