Push Or Hit In Martial Art

When you strike and hit someone, you want to make an impact and hurt that person. How and where you hit with what percentage of your power, that will determine the damage. On the other hand, when you push, you usually move someone away.

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You can use both push and hit in a fight. If you practice martial arts, you know how important it is to maintain the distance. If your opponent is too far away, you cannot hit him, so you need to step forward and close the gap in order to strike. If your opponent is too close to you, you need to make the distance with a view to making your next move.

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You can push your opponent so that he moves back and you get some distance to kick. Push can work very well and do the job. You can use your hands to push or you can also kick to push your opponent.

To have a great impact, you should use both hands when you push your opponent. By the way, why do you do front kick? Do you do front kick to hit or push? Actually, you can do both. You can do a front kick in order to hit or just push your opponent so that he moves back.

When you do a front kick whether it is for hit or push, get your leg back quickly after delivering the kick. Otherwise, your opponent might catch your leg and that can be ugly in a fight. So make sure that your opponent cannot catch your leg when you do a front kick.

You can do push in order to hit your opponent as well. For example, if you push your opponent towards something hard like a wall, he can get hurt pretty back. What you intend to do with your move, that's important.

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This is interesting. I love martial art, though I have not learnt any step before, now I know what it means to push and kick. Nice one friend

Glad to know you find it interesting. I'm writing and talking about martial arts, hope some people will find it useful and decide to learn martial arts.

In the last post you made, i realised that you are martial arts instructor, now i eagerly wait to read from you about the martial arts related posts. Your posts are generating a lot of interest in me to understand and learn these defense techniques

Thank you for reading the post and your feedback!