Failure and success are man's destiny

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Every day passes in a cluster of love and feeling. Every Muslim wants to start every day with the recitation of the Holy Quran and remembrance of Allah. We human beings start our day with thousands of desires and hopes and it is also our desire that we succeed in achieving our hopes and desires. Sometimes a person leaves home to fulfill some desires but comes back disappointed. I think there is a secret to our success and failure. And we often get very frustrated by a momentary failure. We are sometimes overwhelmed by pride and arrogance because of a small achievement. My friends, always remember that failure and success are man's destiny. If success makes a person proud and arrogant, then success does not remain but becomes a path to failure. Thus, if failure creates an element of quest and hard work in a person, then that failure emerges as a destination towards success.


If you want to live life with joy and happiness, then share your happiness with others and if you want to turn your sorrows into victory and success, then hide your sorrows in your chest so that your sorrows make someone sad. Don't do Instead, mix the sorrows of the grieving people around you with your own sorrows and give joy to these depressed people. My friends, when you do this in such a way that you will find peace and comfort in the depression of your heart. And life is the name of sharing joys and sorrows. Always wrap your victory and success in the banner of humility because Allah loves humility. Therein lies the good news of every success and victory.









If you look at the beautiful flowers of the sunflower, we see a love and prosperity. And we should also live a beautiful life like this sunflower that has become a good thing for every human being. We should continue to spread our fragrance like this sunflower among the people around us so that no one gets angry with us. The purpose of my writing is to create in you the spirit of victory and success. May Allah make you all successful forever.







جی بھاٸی آپ نے ٹھیک کہا کہ اصل زندگی کامزہ تب ھے جب ھم دوسروں کے کام آٸیں عاجزی اور انکساری کو اپناٸیں کیونکہ عاجزی اللہ کہ بہت پسند ھے

MasahAllah apny bahut achy follawers ky photo bnaye han aur achi post hai

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جی بھائی جان آپ کی پوسٹ بہت اچھی ہے یوسف بھائی اللہ پاک آپ کو لمبی زندگی عطا فرمائے اور آپ اس طرح ہنستے کھیلتے رہے

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@yousafharoonkhan bhi jan sunflowers mujhy bahut achy lagty hen ap ny sunflowers ke bahut achi photography ke hy r sath jo tahreer likhi hy wo mujhy bahut achi lagi hy allah ap ko lambi zindagi atta farmay

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