Today's Bible Text: Romans 11:36

in HeartChurch2 months ago

Because of him, and by him, and for him, are all things. Let the glory be his for centuries. Amen.
Romans 11:36 King James Version (RVR1960)

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While meditating today, on the word of God, I came across this beautiful and wise word of the Lord, in which he confirms us that all things have an original source that comes exclusively from God.

There are those who waste time looking for the origin of things. Some wanted to show that the man descended from the monkey and so far they have not found a man with a tail.

The Bible is the wisest and most perfect word of God. She clearly tells us that everything in heaven, on earth, and in the seas is made by the hand of God. In this sense, all creation is called to give glory to God.

Man comes from God, and belongs to God. God created him so that man would honor and praise him. There is no other reason for the creation of man. God loves us and wants us to continually praise Him as angels do in heaven.

All the time that man was in the hands of God, he enjoyed great life and well-being. When man decided to serve the master of darkness, he began to experience pain and suffering.

It is necessary to understand, that we need to return to our source of origin, which is God and has traced a path for us to reach Him, and that path is Christ.


Amen brother @enderson49. God Bless you.