"MEMORABLE EPITAPHS" Do your best to make life worthwhile for everyone you meet

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"Life is not measured by duration but by donation" David Oyedepo.

According to Adolf Berle "Great Men have two lives, one which occurs while they walk the earth and the other which begins after their death." This is a call for the wise to respond to and live a life which will outlast their last breath. This is the legacy of a life lived conscientiously.

Speaking at the burial ceremony of late Mrs. Alaere Alaibe (Facilitor of Family Re-orientation and Empowerment-free), former Nigeria's president, Goodluck Jonathan said, "Life is not about how long people live but how one impacts of late Alaeresl's contribution to the live of the widows and youths in Bayelsa State-Nigeria, obviously over whelmed the President.

I share similar feelings when I call to mind, icons like the Biblical Paul of Tarsus, William Shakespeare, Martin Luther King Jnr., Benson Idahosa, 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson and a host of other heroes now of blessed memory. They may be dead but they will still live on long in the hearts of men, leaving their epitaph on the hearts of men and not just on mere stone.

If you were to die tonight, would your generation celebrate your recent impact rate? Let's move away from physical death and go figurative. If you graduate from a school today, you are no longer alive in that school-in some sense you are dead.

The same applies to leaving an office, a neighborhood and so on. After your exist from such and such places, are your works still speaking there for you or are you totally, anonymous?

In case your answer is a no, I counsel you to get more selfless, sacrificial and loving. You need to genuinely care for people around you, in your state in the nation.

Do your best to make life worthwhile for everyone you meet because everyone you meet is fighting one battle or the other. If you take this counsel you will surely be in everlasting remembrance.

One man who has this status is late Paul of Tarsus, a major actor in christian history. He revealed one secret to being in everlasting remembrance when he said:

"Look not everyman on his own things but everyman also on the things of others." philippians chapter 2 verse 4).

If we heed to Paul's counsel, then we won't be judged guilty in the court of posterity. Be legacy conscious.