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Blessed are the meek; for they shall inherit the earth.
—Matthew 5:5
In his diagnosis, Jesus told his audience, "Felicitous are the meek," something quite shocking and revolutionary. He said something very different from our contemporary concept of the way to happiness. He, more than anyone else, understood that meekness was a gift to God, the outcome of the rebirth; he did not sat: "They'll be glad because they'll inherit the respect of their families;" "Happy are the violent, they'll inherit career"; "happy the wealthy, they'll inherit world of families and the house full of gadgets." Jesus didn't say, "Be gentle and you'll inhale the earth." In this Beatitude Jesus did not order nor say: "You should be gentle, that is how to live." No! He said that "meekness" is one fundamental key when we want to find the secret of happiness, that if we want to live well.