Hosea's poetry

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Hosea's poetry is very moving, it reflects the desire that God has always had for having an uninterrupted intimacy with his people.

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How can I abandon you; oh efrain? Shall I give Israel faith? How can I make you like Adma; oppose you like Leboim? My heart is moved within me, all my compassion is inflamed. (Hosea 11: 8)
Hosea without questioning God decided to obey him and received the prostitute Gomer to make her his wife. Although she had turned away and stumbled several times on infidelities. Hosea did not reject her out of obedience to the Lord. He longs to have an intimate relationship with us and his greatest demonstration of love of all time was the provision of his son Jesus Christ, as the only means to make such intimacy possible.
God passionately loves us with unconditional love and prejudice.
(John 3:16)