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Hello everyone, let me take you all on a ride today, On a nice, wonderfully 105 bpm little car called “Send me an angel” by Scorpions.

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This song had the power to become one of the most popular songs on Scorpions’ eleventh studio album “Crazy World”. Released in the September of 1991 as the album’s fourth and final single, it was written by the band’s vocalist Klaus Meine and composed by Rudolf Schenker. It had quite the successful acclamation and left its mark on the charts.

The song "Send me an angel", in its sonorous C sharp major key, starts with Jim Vallance, the man himself on the keyboards on a holy and heavenly mission to reach the skies itself, and Matthias Jabs with the acoustic guitar taking you down to the roads with a country-style melody. The combination of which sounds surprisingly peaceful. 36 seconds in Klaus joins the combo with the vocals, swooping your aforementioned car up to the skies and above the clouds. Then comes the chorus. The back vocals of this part, with their soothing voice, are just what the song needed to make you feel like you’re flying between a row of angels with them singing to you. 1:30 and Vallance adds some more harmony to the jam with Schenker also joining in with the lead guitar. Just when you thought it was absolutely awesome, Herman Rarebell slowly shows up with some kicks here and there. The vocals and the drums keep amping it up in the chorus till we get to 2:25.2:25… what can I even say about this guitar solo? Absolutely mesmerizing. Feels like looking at the sun while above the clouds. Here comes the last verse with just as much, if not more panache than the previous ones, with the drums fully functional and the back vocals, harmonies, and the guitar joining in more often. It goes on till the outro where it slowly fades out with its glory, leaving you feeling redeemed.

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The lyrics are reminiscent of a ballad, with the singer speaking of old tales about walking towards “the dawn of the light” as “the years pass you by” till you get to the land of the morning star and ask to see “an angel”. There are many different interpretations from the lyrics, the most interesting of which to me are two complete contrasts. One of birth and one of death. Nevertheless one can argue that the song is about hope and acceptance; about knowing that whatever happens, it’ll be alright.

I hope whatever or whoever the angel in your life is, you get to love it, as I hope you also love this review.




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