Mission: Impossible - Fallout review as action films become one of the year's best movies

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Mission Impossible: The Fall is the last movie in the famous Mission Impossible series starring Tom Cruise that began in 1996 with the first part. Since then, the fame of this series has become world-famous thanks to its ability to dazzle the viewer after every part, especially from its first star. Cruz who raises the challenge every time it makes you wonder if this 56-year-old can outdo himself in the next installment, and yet he does it!

Lots of people his age are getting old, but you feel like he's just starting his life. The seriousness of the realistic risk scenes that he does and the extent of the action and movement that he has reached, make him without a doubt the best action and action movie star, and this is something that is not discussed. All his risks and dangers in this series, especially in this movie, make us raise his hat.

Frankly and without bets or exaggerations, Mission Impossible Fallout is the best action movie of 2008, one of the best films of the year, and one of the best action movies in cinema history ever. All the suspense and action scenes I saw in the previous parts of the series, this movie challenged her and skipped her by miles. The duration of the film is about two and a half hours and the amount of action in it does not stop, but rather makes you completely amazed, open-mouthed by the extent of the excitement it carries. And don't be surprised that many critics have called it one of the best action films in cinema history.

Frankly, the movie is huge, and we can never classify it as a box office commercial, as some say on this series. Technical issues were strongly present in many aspects. The most important one, after action, is cinematography. When it was chosen to shoot the movie with IMAX cameras, they knew very well that they wanted to take shots that you would not enjoy with that extravaganza if filmed with regular cameras. The enormity of the pictures and the beautiful and dazzling choice of the angle of shooting the clips added a wonderful and exciting touch to the events of the film. The second best thing about the movie is its impressive cinematography.

You know ... one of the things that make all films great is the enemy character, the more powerful and intelligent the hero is, the more suspense and enthusiasm the greater. The enemy in this movie was amazing and was too dangerous to imagine, making the hero bewildered with him every time. I suspect that the enemy in this part remains the best of all the enemies in the other parts.

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The story was tight-knit from beginning to end, leaving no outlet for the sequence at all, despite the length of the film. Add to that, the wonderful and professional direction of Christopher McCoyre, who also directed the previous installment Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, and you will have a movie that is a reference in action and spy movies.

The story of Mission Impossible Fallout revolves around more daring events than before and deviates somewhat from the traditional path of the previous parts, as it revolves around a mission that was expected to take place normally, but things are turned upside down due to an enemy from the past we saw in the Ghost Protocol movie, The thing that will make the CIA lose confidence in the spy Ethan and question his motives, as he will find himself being chased by a group of terrorists and former allies in a race against time to save what can be saved and try to prevent a global catastrophe.

There is something in the way of presenting the story that some may consider consuming, but I consider it wonderful and added more suspense and it happened more than once in the movie, is the occurrence of the so-called twists, where the events quickly take an opposite turn due to the reversal of one of the characters, so be prepared to take place Manipulating you more than once. This technique of narration has been used in cinema since ancient times, but in the movie Fallout it has been used to a great extent, as if we are seeing it for the first time.

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As we said, the story of the film was outside the traditional path that we have been used to in the previous parts as it broke all the protocols that spy Ethan and his team must follow, but in this aspect the film falls into one mistake that was the only negative thing about the movie. That traditional method that we have seen more than once in espionage and action movies, when the hero must stop a bomb from exploding before it is too late, events drag you with that mounting suspense that warns that hope has been lost, but! Things are turning towards the happy ending that we all know.

In 2018, this aspect of the story may have become expendable, and it would have been better if the story book had more daring to deal with this aspect (take, for example, what happened in Avengers: Infinity War, what Thanos did with the Avengers, and how the movie ended with that disastrous tragedy) . Such endings have a great impact on the scenes, although they are shocking, and they have a great impact that is difficult to forget. This is the error Fallout fell into. Despite its magnificence, it did not leave the viewer in such an unforgettable shock.

Nevertheless, despite this previous negative point, and even if you are not a fan of this movie category, Fallout will definitely rank as one of the best films of the year. It remains the best part in the entire series, and the series remains one of the best films of all time; Each part has a completely different style. Also, one of the things that distinguishes them is that they do not rely on visual effects, but rather they depend on Tom Cruise to do most of the scenes himself, the thing that distinguishes these films from the rest of the action films and makes them the best ever