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I was not a very good student at the school I attended. I sat in the back seat and caused annoyance to the students sitting in the front seat. I was such a student that as soon as I entered the classroom, the teacher would instruct me to go and stand in one corner of the classroom as punishment. When asked the reason for the punishment, the teacher would say, 'I have not done anything to be punished yet, but maybe I will.'

In tenth grade I resorted to cheating in exams. I was placed in the same class. After my mother saw my test results, I went to her and prayed, 'I'm sorry, I made a mistake. Please bring me from school. '

He said, 'You have to pay for your mistake.' I said, "Mom, I'm sorry, I've learned, I've lost a year in my life for this mistake."

He still said, "You have to pay for your mistake," and added, "Let one year of your life be wasted, rather than the rest of your life, so I want to see."

I went to the tenth grade again and again. Mother was very disciplined. Today I am glad that my mother usually did what she had to do. What he did then seemed to be a painful cause. I did not realize that there was love and affection hidden in his work. He wanted to prepare me to face reality. Because he thought that the punishment I would receive in the face of reality would be the harshest.

He said of that day, 'You have to pay for your mistakes, it is better to waste a year in school than to lose morality for the rest of your life. It is still echoing in my memory. The echoes gave new direction to my life. From this I learned something good.

My mother's decision disappointed me but changed my life. He taught me that at some point reality would test me. That turned out to be true.

Then I passed the first section very nicely and as expected. My hopes were fulfilled.

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Mothers always want the best for their children. Most parents focus on the academic development of the kids and leave out moral development. That is how come we have a lot of corrupt formally educated people. I'm glad you meet her decision with obedience and understanding.