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From time immemorial, it has been seen that the people put a person on the throne with a garland, and one day the people dragged him down from the throne. This is what is happening in fifteen countries of the world. What is the root cause?

"Your aspirations are big, but when the government of the country forgets or doesn't care about your aspirations, they become unimportant to you and fall," said Paul Beck, a professor of political science.

We owe a lot to the state. John Dewey wrote it neatly.

Political debts Economic debts, social debts Education and medical debts and education, scientific arts and religious debts. Hargu V. Laswell summarizes that the state class must be aware of state governance. It is a place of pilgrimage of mutual dignity. Thomas-Rowe says that in democracy or freedom we want to see a combination of our individual values and the needs of society through equality. Without it, there is no sense of democracy or freedom.

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

(1) Political debt (2) Economic debt (3) International debt (4) Education and medical debt (5) Scientific, art and religious debt.

But the main thing is not to have this debt, how to collect the debt is the big thing.

Equality (1897) Edward Belemy's opinion is widely accepted. Belemi, pointing to democracy as the key, said that where values and dignity of the individual are the key to democracy, where human nature is based on equality, this dignity must be present equally among all people in the most necessary way.

Helping the police when my right to vote is in jeopardy, arranging passport visa for going abroad with recognition of increased citizenship if the family does not survive on salary, arranging school books for the right teacher I think it is the duty of the government to help and co-operate in the religious pagodas, mosques and all religious activities. But in this case, if there is any obstacle, then it is necessary to present his correct picture in a pen and paper and harshly criticize him in the open. According to Plato - "In the middle of the sea, in a democratic system, if a sailor fails to determine the course of a ship with a majority vote, he is bound to sink."

If a royal official treats you unfairly or unkindly, explain it to him without arguing with him. Otherwise one of my students can take the steward method. Steward would keep in writing some witnesses to the illegal work of the employee concerned in case of any state problem.

(A) The first president was informed of this in writing and kept his documents. If there is no rule of law, (b) there is something to be said about the unjust behavior of that organization later on at such and such a day. People used to gather after seeing the posters. In the meantime, he used to complain to the opposition paperworkers on the occasion. Steward once had to file a complaint against a leather company. After that, the victims in various ways joined him and through his beautiful method they also solved many problems of the state. After the steward's name was spread on the paper, he would just say any problem, my name is steward. Suddenly everyone's attention was shaken. None of his work was unnecessarily delayed. He was feared by the wicked, loved by the good princes. You have nothing to worry about. If you communicate with the victims like you in this matter, you will quickly become a party and the opposition's paper and the opposition crowd are waiting to help you. If you put the document to inform the President and go to work, go to the President himself. Steward's statement as his reason the president's main possible public support. It is like life inside the quota of the giant kingdom captured by prince.

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