I build a universe of quiet ore

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I build a universe of quiet ore

original poetry
& images


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I build a universe of quiet ore


A rough and blasted edifice of stone
to enter in the still, small hours alone
I build with careful hand, and steady glee
to ponder, or to sit soul-quietly.

I linger in the midst of crumbled time:
her broken arch, her portaled portico
whose poignant, unsurpassèd silent rhyme
entreats me but to feel, and not to know.


Voice of the still hours,
will you bathe me with warm words?
Will you soothe with half-solace
born umbrella'd, half-heard?

Will you cast a whispered umber
over dusk of my tongue,
and rend sun asunder
whose light-stream I've sung?

A pittance of your patter-lack
for a speck-besotted mind,
I beg that utter prescience:
to know, and not to find.


I build a universe of quiet ore
whose boulder and whose speck I smile upon,
soft-taken from the all-inviolate core:
by many spurnèd, though the same may fawn
in dream, or sudden disbelief, or death—
in living less convincèd than in dearth.

I gild an atmosphere of quiet breath;
adorn with air my calm, new waiting earth.
In the sudden hush, I banish thought;
I conjure mirror-walls, bestir the hearth
of morning in my palace loving-wrought.


Afar, in the east—
I pray to glance, at least
by floral beams sweet hue
of the smolder of old rue.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 9.00.51 AM.jpeg

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 8.02.32 AM.jpeg

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 8.15.43 AM.jpeg

Original material by Daniel Pendergraft
First published to the STEEM blockchain.
Feb. 15, 2020
Images are digital composites
created using free domain photographs.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 8.33.32 AM.jpeg

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I feel Part 1 presents a dreamlike atmosphere. The speaker's vision takes us on an inner journey where the eye initially focuses on ruins, causing the sensation of abandonment, collapse, and sinking. But, without collapsing. There is a clear intention to continue searching, not to stop at appearances, but rather, at the depths, at the feeling.

In Part 2, the lyrical voice becomes rhetorical looking for reasons for its deficient satisfaction with itself, there is a search without reward, something that is missing and is not found in spite of knowing exactly what it is.

Already in Part 3, there is the conviction that even if he does not complete the puzzle of his life, he has at least learned to look at himself with forgiveness and love.

And he ends by waking up with the amazement that there is always something to live for and with a hope that is still half asleep, he faces the future with his experiences as a shield. There will always be an internal struggle, but also always have reason to move forward although he is not very convinced why the silence wins and he enjoys that calm that separates him from the worldly noise.

Man I followed you years ago and I think you were one of the first few. Such great adventures and poetry and you are still here after all that time.

“In the sudden hush, I banish thought;
I conjure mirror-walls, bestir the hearth
of morning in my palace loving-wrought.”

Powerful introspection and well arranged words.

Dried fruit!

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Heyyy! It's nice to see some familiar faces about. I barely posted last year, but been feeling the urge to be more regular with my creative output while heading towards my goal of finally getting some of my pieces published this year.

Oh man. Steem is always an adventure. Been some crazy ups and downs but overall it has been a great learning experience. Not to mention all the different people I've met!

Fruitful—yet desiccated?
Just add water, tessellate it!

I wondered where you'd gone off too, or if I'd pissed you off somehow!
(I'm like that, internalizing stuff I shouldn't)
Been following you all along, but I hardly go to my feed, so
I miss a lot of stuff.
Good to see you again @d-pend

Hellos dear friend @d-pend.

We are a product of the earth, of mother earth.
Everything comes from its core. Molten rock in our hands becomes works for posterity.

Beautiful poetry.
I love your verb and the way you combine it with these spectacular images. You have great talent.


Your friend, Juan.

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