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Greetings all, I was feeling a little like ranting and a little like reasoning after some events that have recently unfolded here in Suriname, but also just wanted share some thoughts in general about my conflict with the western way of thinking.

Longing For Social Living

     I was certainly very tired when I sat down to film this, but sometimes the best revelations come during moments of extreme emotions and physical states. We don't do much in Suriname other than go to Western Union once or twice a month, and buy vegetables from around the corner.

     My Cambodian family is not sold on the western way of life by any means, and they struggle to see where the efficiency is in so-called developed nations. We miss the user-friendliness of Cambodia where the whole country caters to those in poverty and tough times. We really felt a sense of community and unity in all the places we lived in Cambodia, and having pleasant conversation

     Social living means so much to us, and we miss living among people in a similar situation and with a similar life struggle. We miss washing our clothes with next-door neighbors, buying vegetables from the people that grew them, and hanging out with people not consumed by ego and the self.


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