Knife Attack vs Umbrella | Self Defense Situation - Part 72

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When you are being attacked, the attacker can have weapons. The attacker intends to attack innocent people. We usually do not have any weapon to prevent the attacker. And who knows when you are going to be attacked? Sometimes things happen out of nowhere.

Knife attack vs umbrella.jpg

So if you have an umbrella, can you use it for self defense against a knife attack?

Today we are going to talk about that. Welcome back to Self Defense Situation - Part 72. In this series of posts, we usually talk about different situations and what you can do to defend yourself and get back home safe.

It is better to talk about it in context. Let's watch the video first. This is not my video and all video credit goes to Nick Drossos.

Source and Video Credit

You can use your umbrella against a knife attack. Umbrella comes in different sizes and colours. Here the colour is not that important. You have to consider the size of the umbrella.

In this video, you see that when the umbrella is closed, it is small. So when the umbrella is closed and you want to use it to defend against a knife attack, you are more close to the attacker. Here I am sharing my opinions, you can have a different opinion and I respect that.

The way the umbrella is used to defend a knife here (From 0:49 to 1:03 minutes), this is dangerous. When the attacker attacks you with a knife, he uses his power, speed and force. If you stand in front of the attacker, hit with a small umbrella (when it is close), there is a high chance that you will get hurt.

Using umbrella against a knife attack.jpg

You can move to the side and then hit the attacker's hand with the umbrella. For that moment, you have moved out of the line of attack. You have to make your next move quickly because the attacker is going to attack you again.

When the umbrella is open, you can use it from distance. It can be used to discourage the attacker to attack you. When the attacker attacks you with a knife, you have to do something to defend yourself. You hit the attacker with the umbrella, it will not stop the attacker, but it gives you more time to make your next move.

And you can use the time to attack him and get out of there. So what do you think of using improvised weapons like an umbrella for self defense? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading this post. If you are passionate about martial arts or want to learn more about self defense, you can join Self Defense View Community and check out some of my recent posts.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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