Splinterlands - Drained my ECR to complete the quest

in hive-13323 •  2 months ago 

Today I have been playing so many games from the morning just to complete the daily quest. I did not expect that it would take so much time for me to complete 3 games without neutral monsters. Yesterday my completion was very good. I completed the daily gaming with so many wins. Today I started off very bad with so many losses. I thought I shouldn't go below 2200 rating but that's what happened.

To just claim the quest reward, I had to play many games after that to get back to the 2200 rating. The process not only reduced the Energy Capture rate from my account but also drained my energy by consuming lots of time. Usually, I spend only about an hour or so for daily gaming. Today to complete the quest, I had to spend more than that.

From today it looks like there are no reward cards anymore but instead it will be chests. I did receive a chest and the chest had the above items. From the announcements, I see that it is going to be chests going forward. I'm now wondering as the supply of reward cards is reducing like this, will it increase the value of cards in the market? Let's just wait and see.

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Idea is good it may increase the value of reward card but also reduce the intrest of player...
And also reduce the Value of Potions (which are not transferable). What will the use of Potion when everybody is forced to use it. Potion will increase the chance to get Gold or Legendary drop but altemately it will nutural when everybody will be using the same...

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Than can probably tag every portion charge and make it transferrable like an SE token. That can add some advantage. Not sure if it can be a great idea but just thinking loud. 😀

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@bala41288, Good to see this Newness in Splinterlands 👾 Ecosystem. Let's hope that Chests will come up with some amazing surprises. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed. 🙂

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Yes I wish you good luck too. Change is always good if it is going to make thing better. Let's hope for the best. Thanks for stopping by.

Yes. Welcome and thank you so much.

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Thanks for the tokens. 😀

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