BRIEF ENCOUNTER (1945) - A Movie Review

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Brief Encounter (1945) - UK
Dir: David Lean

My Rating - 5/5


"It's awfully easy to lie when you are trusted implicitly. Very, very easy and very, very degrading"

I will never forget this film.

After been watching two seasons of Friends and some contemporary stuff, you could say I was 'craving' for a Black and White Classic.

Romance is a film genre that rarely manages to touch me. Unrealistic glamour only to look at, nothing to feel. But...There are some exceptions, I call them GEMS. And Brief Encounter is one of those gems.


My first David Lean film, is extremely minimal, narrative style reminded me of early Bresson. I absolutely love this style, it speaks to the heart. Brief Encounter is that exceptional classic that grabs life so realistically, the characters feel so close. Both glory and misery is in the air, and feel it. Without a bit of doubt, Brief Encounter is one of the greatest romance films of all time, and it will be, forever.


Oh, the plot is as follows.. A bored housewife stops for a snack at a cafe while returning home after shopping, and she runs into an acquaintance of hers. As their casual friendship begins to develop, they realize that their continuous meetings mark the most precious times of their lifetime. But both are constantly reminded of their own families at the same time, engaging in a mental struggle.

IMDb Rating - 8.0
Rotten Tomatoes - 91%
Letterboxd - 4.2/5


Hmmm.. seems not fit to me 🧐 but it should be a good one as you master like it

It's great.. but cannot recommend as Black and White movies need a proper introduction.. if you haven't seen them before

😎 I haven't watch black and white english movies. But I have watched sinhala. Dishum dishum dum..🤡

Black and white one... It has good ratings in all three. Will see if gets time to watch it

Ahh yes, can recommend to you I guess..

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