BLOGGING CHALLENGE: DAY 11 "Your Favorite childhood Book".

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For those of us who are writers, talking about where our love for literature began is fascinating, because there is always something, a story, a book, a tale, that "wow", that marks a before and after for us and makes us enter the world of letters.

In my case it began at approximately 4 years old. I liked reading stories of all kinds, but I think there are stories that mark you to follow closely the world of literature. Everything began for me with "The Sliced Hen", by Horacio Quiroga. The ability to describe you in the flesh at such a raw moment caught me completely. After that I got into the English classics and the rest was history.

When you enter the world of literature it is easy to get in, but once you are in you never want to get out.

I love literature that is capable of getting you into the flesh of the story, without flat characters. And I have a special affection for literature that is mournful, raw, a bit psychotic, depending on the writer's ability. The first novel I read was Wuthering Heights, at the age of 5. I read the paragraphs up to three times, fascinated by the way they were written.

I know that literary art has the capacity to transmit, unite, cheer or hurt. And to be part of this world is an honor and a pleasure for me. Maybe in other times I felt a little bad, since I had no one to talk to about these things, but at least now I can release it into the air on this platform, where I know that there are thousands of people who probably have a thousand and one things to say about this world.

So I don't rule out the opportunity for writers and readers to see themselves connected by an invisible thread, which allows us to talk at length about everything we are passionate about.
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I haven't read that story called the Sliced Hen but I have a feeling it will be really great, especially for a 4 year old. And you are really right about the fact that at a point in time, we all get to fall in track with literature one way or the other. At least, most of us.


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