Freedom Attributes Lonely Buyers, Traders Make Masks for Alternative Products.

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Freedom Attributes Lonely Buyers, Traders Make Masks for Alternative Products.

Approaching the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia this year, traders of independence attributes in Bireuen Regency are deserted from buyers, their sales have decreased drastically compared to last year.

Independence attributes such as flags, banners, stickers and other attributes are deserted from buyers due to the Corona pandemic that is hitting the area, currently Bireuen is an area categorized as a yellow zone in the Covid-19 case in Indonesia. The yellow zone is an area or low-spread area of ​​the Corona virus (Covid-19).

Although the attributes of independence such as flags, banners and other attributes were deserted from buyers, these seasonal traders did not run out of creative ideas, masks became alternative products in the midst of sluggish sales of the attributes of independence. Masks with red and white patterns are currently selling well in the market, the interest in these masks is increasing than usual in Bireuen. However, these masks are currently difficult to obtain because traders only produce a limited amount.

Even though the traders have not used the online system they are forced to move around to offer merchandise to buyers, some even open merchandise stalls in the city center or on the side of the road.

The turnover of seasonal traders has decreased during the Corona virus pandemic that has hit the world, unlike the previous year where usually before the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia they reap millions of rupiah in turnover from selling knick-knacks or independence attributes.

During the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia, the people's economy was totally paralyzed, where people had to comply with government regulations regarding health protocols. Various efforts have been made by the Indonesian government to overcome the spread of the deadly virus, hopefully the Covid-19 pandemic will pass quickly.