Quarantine Life: Day 107, Supposed Last Day of MGCQ

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Our province was placed to MGCQ since June 15th, and it is supposed to end today. Usually, there are announcements before the status ends, but we're yet to hear from the government what would be the status of the province after today. With the continuous increase of cases since the start of MGCQ, many people are suggesting going back to either ECQ or GCQ, but the sacrifice would be the local economy.

As observed from the number of vehicles passing by, it seems people are now trying to live how they used to. I can hear some people back with their gambling activities using doves. I am not sure how it's done but it's like a race of the doves which one will come back first. The village leaders seemed to be too permissive with such activities.

Coronavirus cases

Almost 200k new cases were counted since yesterday, with total of 10.268 million. Thousands of fatalities were tallied now at 504k, while there are more than 100k new recoveries, and the total is 5.209 million. That's a good news, and indication that control over the virus is strengthening. United States still has thousands of new cases each day with the latest count 2.638 million. 128k deaths was reported, along with 811k patients recovered. Brazil may still be at second with 1.37 million but recovert rate is still with the latest total of 733k.

The increase in the Philippines is pretty apparent as the current total reached 36,438. There's a slight increase of fatalities now at 1,255. The number of recovered cases has went up too at 9,956. There are 6 new cases in our province bringing in the total of 102, and currently confined patients with 26.

Crowds of People Exercising

There's a photo circulating online by which a huge crowd was seen in CCP, Manila. It's not actually a planned mas gathering, and a coincidence which numerous people came in exercising. One person made a comment that it's normal because it's Sunday, normally families go there and a number of people exercising during the day. The comment infuriated several people dismissing the claim as Covid19 do not select a day when it will attack a person. That made sense to actually.

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