Phantom Road - chapter 17 - Ash Creek

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It was nearly silent in the living room as Steve finished sharing the story.

“It’s true? You are going to be living with a fugitive in a hut in the woods?!” Lenora asked Zenna, her face incredulous.

“Yes, Mom,” Zenna replied. “I love him.”

“He is a good man, Ms Williams,” Steve added. “I can personally recommend him.”

Lenora nodded slowly. “And I’m supposed to just disappear onto the Nygaard property and live in sin with Jerry?”

Jerry leaned over and whispered in her ear. Whatever it was made her blush. “When you put it that way...” she added, smiling at him. “But, I won’t be able to have my friends?”

“Only until we can eeder clear Matt’s good name or until his statute of limitations runs out in two years, eh,” Steve replied.

“What if we really went to Madison?” Lenora suggested, looking at Jerry again. “We could say that we eloped.”

“Mother!” Zenna cried, nearly shrieking with laughter.

“I’m not so old as to not want some love in my life!”

“And when Matt and I start our family?”

“In the woods?!”

“It may happen… We don’t want to wait for his time to expire.” It was better than admitting they could have already started.

“Steve can tell us and we’ll come back to welcome him or her into the world. Throw a little baby shower in Ash Creek.”

“You can’t!” Zenna shrieked.

“I’ve always wanted to! Maybe the next baby…”

“Mother!” Zenna exasperated again, looking to Steve, who wasn’t any help at all! His smirk showed that he thought the whole thing quite amusing.

“Jerry, quit it! Not now...”

Zenna looked and instantly regretted it. Jerry’s hands were inside her mother’s clothing, obviously feeling her up. She looked away again. She didn’t need to see anything further.

“I can help ya guys pack, eh,” Steve offered. “It’s da least I can do.”

“Thanks,” Lenora replied. “I would appreciate all the help I can get.”

“I will help ya too,” Jerry added, still stroking her.

“Do ya need anyteen from here, eh?” Steve asked, looking at Zenna.

“We are going again now?” she asked.

“I tink Matt will kill me if he don’t see ya soon, eh!”

“Already?” her mother asked, looking crestfallen.

“You have Jerry, Mom. I need to go back to Matt. I love him.”

“You be careful, darling!” Lenora cried, holding Zenna again.

“Matt knows dat he has ta take good care of her, Ms Williams,” Steve added. “He will too, eh. I know da man very well. Trust me, he will treat her good.”

“Then I can let her go…,” Lenora said, wiping another tear.

Zenna went to her room and chose an assortment of her winter clothing.

Steve followed her. “Do ya have a duffle bag or a decent backpack?”

“Sure,” she replied, grabbing her old Ash Creek High School duffle bag. It was blaze orange and black.

“Too bright! Do ya have anyteen darker?”

Zenna found her black school backpack.

“Bedder, dough small. I’ll go find a garbage bag ta carry da rest of yer clodes in. I’ll find ya a bedder bag soon. I hope Matt’s plannin’ on anoder room fer yer hut, eh!”

Zenna grinned. “Thanks for your help.”

“Don’ mention it! Let’s jis’ git dis done, so I can git ya back ta him.” He left the room and returned with a black garbage bag and helped put her selected clothing in it. “I bedder find ya a rack or someteen fer yer hut. I doubt Matt has more dan a couple of changes of cloding.”

“Am I taking too much?” she asked, worried.

“He has ta learn ‘bout women somehow! I reckon ya will be his teacher, eh.” Steve grinned conspiratorially as he stood and hefted the bag over his shoulder. “I’ll take care of da rest of yer stuff tomorrow. Ya can git anyteen from da container whenever ya need, okay?”

Zenna nodded and hefted her backpack and led the way out of her room again.

“I guess I’d better stop by Baxter’s. He’s going to be mad at me.”

“Blame yer moder, eh,” he suggested. “Dat is more understandable – especially wid da rumors ‘bout her an’ Jerry goin’ around.”

Zenna sighed.

“Eeder dat, or ya lost a bet wid me – owe me work now.”

“Makes it hard for me to disappear to Madison.”

“Yeah… I didn’ tink of dat. Yer right. Smart enough fer my… fer him.”

Zenna wondered about the falter. What had he been about to say? But the noises in her mother’s room made her forget about it entirely. She had watched enough porn to understand exactly what she was listening to. She tried to ignore it as she passed towards the door.

“Is yer moder on birt control?” Steve asked.

“Don’t think so, but that’s not something I’ve ever asked her.”

“Hmmm. Who will have a baby first? Her or you?”

Zenna flushed again.

“Yer moder isn’t too old. She has time fer a few more if she wants,” Steve reminded her.

“She has always regretted not having more,” Zenna remembered. “Maybe you are right.”

“Git yer shampoo an’ maybe any soap ya want,” Steve suggested. “I’ll grab yer backpack.”


“Also gives yer moder time ta be done an’ wish ya farewell. It will be awhile before ya see her again.”

Steve took her clothes out to the pickup as she grabbed what she wanted. She looked in the cupboard as well. Knowing that her mother was going to be moving anyway, she took the extra bars of soap and bottles of shampoo. Her favorite towel, and all the bandaids and medicines she thought she might need. She didn’t know what it would be like to be pregnant, but knew that it involved sickness. She grabbed the bottle of candied ginger. After all, she might already be pregnant… and Matt certainly had every intention of making sure she was!

Steve came back in. “Good tinkin’,” he said. “Dough I have most of what ya might need, it is bedder ta have it wid ya if ya can. We’d bedder git outta here if we want time ta see Baxter. We also need ta pick up a few groceries fer Matt.”

Her mother came out of her room a few minutes later, her face flushed with her lovemaking. “I need a hug before you go!” Lenora said, holding her close. “Baby girl, be careful! I’ll see you again soon. Nine months or so?”

Zenna smiled. “Sounds good, Mom!” With another kiss, she left, following Steve out to the truck, where she saw the bags strapped down securely in the back. She waved to her mother as they pulled away. That was that… she’d officially moved out!


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