Houseki no Kuni Review - Simplicity and Beauty

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Last season, when I read about anime unexpectedly, it never motivated me and was not among my arrangements for the fall season for anime, however I was amazed in the season with the scale of promotion and love that he got from his followers, which out of nowhere my best started and ended up after.

How can you quickly determine the degree of an anime after watching it? Well ... it was the undisputed best anime of the period. What's extraordinary about Houseki no Kuni? What are the purposes behind an unexpected upheaval of emotion? What made it the best anime in the fall season and exceptional compared to other anime of 2017 for me and some anime followers? This is what we will learn in the next scene for Detective Conan.


The plot :

Perhaps what I loved most about the plot and story of the anime is the structure of the world and the institutions in which it was created in order for the anime to have the option of attracting our gaze to the beginning and arousing our interest in it and its secrets through the writer's creativity in weaving the mystery around it and the story.

What's more, through it, the feeling of living and immersion in the mystery in this world, in which the characters also live. The main characters have no idea why they are fighting their opponent.

Thus, the story is by no means essential, despite the fact that you might have thought from the start that the work would revolve around a paradigmatic idea of ​​getting a mate and pulling him out of his isolation, but the goal is more noteworthy than that; The story is replete with deeply ingrained ideas about why the world turned this way, why people disappeared, the three strange species of animals appeared, what was the secret behind them, and what was the merit of the note they represented. A small clue appeared about them.

The story of Houseki no Kuni:

In the distant future, after the demise of humanity, another type of life appeared on Earth. "The jewels." The story discusses 28 unique diamonds that must fight the animals named Tsukijun (the inhabitants of the moon) due to their repeated attacks on them and their attempts to catch them, so each jewel of their face must be replaced and be either a competitor or a medic. Acting. We have our hero "Phos" or "Phosphoplihylte" who needs to fight the two moons, yet she does not have any capabilities and may break and break after any shock she suffers.

She ended up hired by Kongou-sensei to prepare a reference book on the natural history of their reality, and by exploring her ends up joining another goal of her that she chose to invest most of her energy in, which is obtaining one. Of her companions in the isolation she lives


The work presented a huge number of diverse characters, including individuals who had recently noticed any appearance of it, and some of them were recognized by the rest of the characters in the various works. They might look charming to you as polite, but they are ultimately genderless, which means they are not gender, so you cannot accept them as Waifu or Pairo ...

After revisiting it makes no difference, the main thing is generosity.

As I indicated, the characters are gemstones (gemstones), each of which takes on the physical and composite properties of the stone it is made of. Gemstones, for example, are hard and shiny, similar to the character of a diamond, and we have turquoise or phosphate, which our hero Phosphoplihylte had similar qualities such as: shading property and weak hardness.

The part made up of characters and with their sheer number of them, some of them are generally well managed and composed, regardless of how the characters interact with each other; It was unmistakable, because it portrayed him as originality and was not in it in relation to feelings and the relationship of the characters to each other.

In terms of character improvement, individuals who have followed the main scenes may feel strange that any progress has been made, yet the vast majority of characters have had a convincing cannon lead despite the fact that the developments here are extreme and mindless and the character is flipped, it is clear that not everyone has Sharp turn of events, but there are characters whose improvement has been slow but acceptable.


Visual view:

We go to the most unambiguous part of this work, which is the method of drawing. Anime drawing was completely CGI, that is, PC designs that are not manual like most occasional animations, and the standard generalization in individuals' brains about this type of drawing is that it is horrible, annoying to the eye and absurd to expect to see, but does Houseki no Kuni apply The equivalent?

No, what's more, I am declaring this without prior notice to the CGI anime. It was exceptionally cool, the animation is smooth and you will not feel any cut, the anime did not try to make 3D look as if it was 2D and did not try to merge it like Inuyashiki, but its situation remained repaired using only 3D, and this made it unmistakable from others.

The charts of the characters were exceptionally excellent and by no means the typical type, and what I liked so much about the poetry's schemes, tones, and lasting development, which would not have looked that way if it were possible. It was two-dimensional. The format was excellent, really anime-friendly, and it had the option to convey the climate of the story in the best perfect way.

In the end, the anime is very cool, and you will enjoy watching it a lot, and if you focus more, you will find the splendor and elegance in the details and the calm of the colors.
In fact, everything has been specially crafted and deserves to be seen and deserves a full mark in evaluation.


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