Freewrite | i am scared, but you are worth it.

in Freewriters6 months ago

it's almost midnight.
on normal days, i am usually asleep by this time.
but, i couldn't guess i'll just write....


for the past few days, i'd find myself feeling scared.

naturally, we are in the middle of a pandemic. so, it's understandable to feel scared.

but, coupled with this uncertainty that has characterized whatever-this-is-that-we-have? of course, my fear has been exponentially magnified. 😅

but, every day, you remind me that maybe being scared is not a horrible thing. for one, we can be scared, together. that's at least one good thing about this. 😊

tonight, i am scared.
but, you are worth it.
i am scared tonight, but i look forward to that day when every inch of my entire being no longer feels scared.

i will do my best to pursue everything that will enable me to abandon this fear that I currently have, because you are worth it.

there is no one else i'd offer my heart to, over and over.
there is no one else i'd risk my feelings for, every day.
there is no one else i'd set out on an adventure with, today and hopefully, forever.

i am grateful that out of all the other girls out there, you bravely chose to entrust your heart to me.

my hands are shaky. my fingers are calloused. and i am every bit of clumsy.

but, thank you for letting my nervous hands hold your fragile heart.

i won't promise i won't fail you. because a lot of times, i will complain and whine and i will be that person who may be far from the person you started to like last year.

but, i promise to love you, to continue loving you, and to choose to love you every day, because you are worth it. 🤗