Freewrite | i could've sworn i am safe

in Freewriters6 months ago


You held my hand.
I thought I'd finally feel safe.
Instead, I heard my heart breaking into tiny million pieces -- slowly.

Because every second that my hand is warming up to the feeling of my fingers interlocking with yours, is one second too many of a reminder that even if I utter a thousand I-love-you's, I will never get to hear an I-love-you-too from you.

You see, that's one of the things I desired the most for the past few months.
To be able to hold your hand. To be able to keep holding hands.

Today, I finally got to realize this dream. Today, this dream became a reality. But, I didn't expect reality to be this painful.

I could've sworn I am safe. I wanted to keep believing I felt secure.

But, at this very moment, when I am supposed to be at my bravest, I see myself helplessly quivering, being the most scared I've ever been in my entire life.


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