No need to fret, I'm here

in Freewriters9 months ago


Rest now
Go ahead and close your eyes
Try to sleep tonight
'Cause I'm here
Don't you fret
I'm here

Hush now
Come and let me dry your tears
I'll take captive all your fears
I'm here
No need to fret
I'm here

Beside you
To hold you
I will never leave
I'm here with you

Take my hand
Take a breath
Let's be scared together
And then be brave together

Wrote this because lately, I have been feeling anxious. But, wow, the difference it makes when there is someone who assures you with a simple "I'm here", especially in this time of uncertainty and chaos. It may take a long time for us to be "okay", but I hope that every one of us gets to have at least one person who will be wit us, assuring us that even in the not-so-okay times, "No need to fret, I'm here".