Pink Bike [5 Minute Freewrite: Saturday, September 26th 2020]

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Early morning under a cloudy sky. I am running across the field by the river Drau near Spittal. It's our new year's vacation period and we slept over by the Drautall Perle, an indoor swimming pool. Today we are going skiing across the river where there is the base station of the cable lift which will carry us above the clouds, hopefully. The name of the ski resort is Goldeck - the Golden corner. The locals call it Sportsberg, the sports hill. It really is a small heaven for all kinds of sporting activities. In the winter skiing and snowboarding predominantly, of course.

While running across the field I noticed this tiny children's bicycle. It's for girls obviously. Who has left it here? Was it forgotten or simply left behind because it's broken? In any case, it is a sign of neglect and carelessness. At least from my point of view. Since there are no major roads and houses in the vicinity, it wasn't left here by accident. Of that I am certain.

What about the kid who was riding this bike and enjoying every minute while using it? Did she get a new one? I hope she did. After all, this is a great looking bike.

Cover photo:
this children's bike was spotted while on the morning run across the field near Spittal an der Drau, Carinthia, Austria, December 27th, 2019.

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Better and better


I like the story... It was great... But if I saw something like that which is looks no ones want it and they really left it like that, I will take it and give it to my kids. lol


Yes, I thought of taking it then I reconsidered.

My kid is too old and a boy

This bike was at least 2 km away from the nearest house.


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