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she hid her bruises
he hummed
my reflection in the glass

It was time to move back to Missouri, it was a long drive from California so they stopped in Texas to visit with his Aunt and Uncle. They spent the night and were back on the road early the next morning. After driving for an hour he noticed he left the road map at his Aunt's house. He stopped at a gas station that had a phone booth and told his wife to call and write down the directions to his parent's house. She wrote down everything that was told to her then she read it back to be sure she had the right delivery of the route.

This part gets disturbing, the husband was mad because of the time it took to get the directions and they started arguing as he drove down the highway. The argument was so bad that he pulled off the side of the highway and drug her out of the car causing a scrape down her leg.

He took his belt off and beat her until he could not raise his arm anymore. She started to run but looked back to see her little girl watching out of the back windshield, she was crying and had her arms outstretched for her to come to her. I saw my reflection in the glass and knew I had to get back in the car.

We arrived at his parent's house and she hid her bruises for the first three days. After they got into another argument she decided she would not hide them anymore, his parents needed to know what he did, so the next morning she wore shorts and a sleeveless shirt. There was not an inch of skin that was not bruised. His parents saw them and he hummed nothing was ever said about it.

That was not the first time he beat her but it was the last. He was in the Marines and was getting sent overseas and she and the kids could not go, she saw this as a prayer being answered and moved back home to her parents never telling them what she had been through because her Dad would have killed him, that would not upset her but she worried for her Father.


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