Doom and Gloom

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this is my post for #freewriters Sunday prompt disturbing hosted by @mariannewest

Fishing has been bad, it has been several weeks since I have had a paycheck. I have no choice but to fish for pompano because years ago I hurt my back and can no longer throw a cast net for any length of time. My husband went back to cast netting for mullet and goats.

He received his very disturbing paycheck, they change the pay week's end day so he only got paid for two days. They paid him 30 cents a pound for his fish. His check was 42 dollars. This means he worked for two days and fed 140 people for 42 dollars.

I know that all businesses are struggling right now but this is just crazy. We have never seen the price that low.

We both are wondering what we are going to do, all we know is fishing. My husband has been fishing since he was 15, he is now 64. I am a third-generation fisherman but have only been doing it on my own for 35 years. I do not know of any job that would hire us with our age, sure I think we could work as a door greeter for Wal-Mart.

Things will get better, we just need to hang on and not spend money on things we don't need. The good thing is we have never put ourselves in debt, we saved our money and paid cash for everything we have. Our home is paid for, we own our trucks and other than a light bill, ins, and tv, internet and cable we do not have any other bills. I almost forgot property taxes which are due now and are a biggy 800 and change. Things will get better. Won't they?


I suppose in a worst-case scenario, at least you can eat fish, but other bills will continue to mount. With any luck, crypto growth will at least make HIVE holdings more valuable.

I am trying to find the bright side to look at, so far Hive is not going to pay my bills either but I keep hoping that one day it will.