It is going to be a long drive

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This is my post for freewrithouse A picture is worth a thousand words

what I see
I see an elderly woman sitting in the back seat, there is someone else back there with her and she is scolding them.
The elderly man is driving while searching for music he likes.

what I feel
I feel sorrow for the man he is trying to drive while trying to drown his wife's voice out with music.

what I think is going on

The elderly man was happy because his wife wanted to sit in the backseat so she could stretch out and sleep. It was going to be a long drive and he would not have to listen to her constant chatter. But as things go her chatter is all that he could hear.

You see there was a young girl with her thumb out on the edge of the road. STOP THE CAR, his wife screeched, sending chills up his spine. She opened the car door and motioned for the young girl to get in the car. As soon as the car started moving his wife laid in on the girl about all the dangers hitchhikers get into, pointing that old long finger in the girl's face. Oh, how he hated that finger. Maybe music will help, why the hell don't they play decent music anymore? He tried all of the stations but there was nothing he liked. He finally left it on rap music. It was a lot better than listening to his wife. Then the thought came to him maybe he could dump his wife out on the roadside and he and the young girl could be on their way, but it was just a thought. Just like all of the other thoughts he has had like he wished he could tell her to shut up but he knows if he said something like that, she would carry on for two hours. So he kept his thoughts to himself and hid his smile while in his mind he could see her sitting on the edge of the road as he drove away.


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That's so funny! We do think about actions that are better not taken, don't we?

yes, we do. lol