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This is my post for #freewriters Tuesday prompt marble floors hosted by @mariannewest

I do not like living in a trailer and dream of one day building a house here on our property. My husband would like a home on stilts where the bottom is open and he can have a place to work on things in the shade. I do not like this idea I just think about having to go up and down stairs, nope not my cup of tea. I would like a house with a wrap-around porch, and a second story that is like a porch where we could sit up there and look out over the preserve.

I do not like carpet, I hate linoleum, and I think marble floors would stay cold also if you drop something either it or the floor will crack. I would have all wood floors, not this fake wood like the snap together floors they now make., I would like to have floors as my old house had, they were 3/4 inch oak. I would have lots of windows but they would be the type that can withstand hurricane-force winds. That is my dream home.

I did not catch much today, It seems to be the pattern for me. I went to the inlet and only caught 1 Spanish mackerel, 1 margate, and 12 shrimp.

My husband caught 40 pounds of mullet and 170 shrimp.

We won't be going hungry, I sauteed some of them in butter and garlic, OH SO GOOD.


A proper wood floor is a wonderful thing indeed. My grandparents had a farmhouse with nice wood floors in the kitchen and dining room. I'm sure maintenance was a bit more difficult than with linoleum of vinyl, but it looked very nice indeed. Only a lunatic intentionally carpets a dining room, and it definitely has no place in a kitchen, but I bet some wannabe trendsetter carpeted a mcmansion kitchen somewhere anyway.

Yes, you can not beat a wood floor like the older homes have, after the hurricane that took our roof, our wood floor curled up, it was a 4 bedroom house and we sanded them back level. We had 3 tall garbage cans of sawdust, but they came out back to their original beauty. This trailer I now live in has carpet in the bathroom, I would love to have the money to tear it out and lay tile.

Nice catch. I don't see a lot of big shrimps. These ones are really big.

thank you, yes they are definitely large ones, but they taste as good as the smaller ones. lol