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This is my post for #freewriters Monday prompt she hid her bruises hosted by @mariannewest

After taking a few days off I tried fishing again. I first went to the Big Flat, back to Melva's Island across Black point, down into the Sleuth, to the docks on the east shore, back out to the clam leases, to the east banks, then the islands on the west side of the channel, to the South Bar, down in the main run of the inlet, I made several drifts in there jigging, then to the north bar, across the North Bay to Long Point. Back across the river to Summit Island, Miners Island, Cat Island, Mays Island, Semblers Island, and down the west shore back to the boat ramp and I never saw a pompano or anything else that I could catch.

I swear when I cover that much water and catch nothing it is harder on my body than if I caught 200 pounds of fish. But when I get to the ramp and someone asks how I did I always smile and just say not today, I never tell them just how bad it really was, some might say she hid her bruises well.

For the last three weeks every time that I have tied my boat to the boat ramp dock and start to climb the ladder I have had either a vision or feeling that while I started to climb up the ladder it gave way and I fall backwards back into my boat. So I have been taking my time and making sure I have a good grip on the ladder.

This morning when I took my boat off of the trailer and pulled up to the dock, I grabbed the ladder and took a step up, the ladder went under the dock and if I did not have a good grip, I would have fallen backward into my boat. Now I know why I have been having that feeling. There was a cop in the parking lot so I walked over to his car and asked him if he could contact someone with the city and tell them about the dock ladder, he said he would but when I came in people were still using it so I don't think he told anyone if someone gets hurt it is on him, or a less honest person will fake an injury and sue the city.

 brown bats 2.jpg

The river is full of these brown bats.