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This is my post for #freewriters Monday prompt outbursts hosted by @mariannewest

The ICW, Inter Coastal Waterway, runs from NY to Miami Fl. This year one of the king fishermen was trying to catch bait by cast netting in the channel and caught shrimp. This opened a new fishery, we are allowed a 5-gallon bucket full a day, there are a few who pay no mind to the limit. We asked the fish house if they would buy them and they said they would give us 2 dollars a pound. When my husband told me this my outbursts was WTF 2 DOLLARS ARE THEY NUTS? These are big shrimp, I told him I will keep them to eat before I sell them for 2 dollars. I put all I wanted in the freezer, I gave some to a friend and we had 3 people that said they would give us 5 dollars a pound for some. So we did make a little money, it more than paid for fuel.

No one has ever seen this before usually the only place shrimp are caught is in the inlet at night.



Those are nice-sized shrimp ... and you have SUCH a pretty smile!

thank you, yes the shrimp are nice sized. no one has ever seen this amount of shrimp and in the ICW of all places.

Those are some nice shrimp!

yes, they are nice tasty, too.