#bloggingchallenge what choices are you split between at the moment or is your life perfect? part 3 days 27

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Hi there, I welcome you to my daily #bloggingchallenge it's always a pleasure to share with you here do enjoy your stay here.

Man's daily quest is to always strive for means of surviving this has been our major trait for centuries although today men no longer fight war physically to survive like animals. So we are left with the choice to seek better alternative means of making ends meet in our lives.
Having split choices as means of thriving in this present day is very important as it can be seen depending on only formal education can not put food on one's table integrating formal and informal education is very necessary to fit in the world labor market.

At the moment the choice I'm split in between are I've to choose to integrate my formal education with vocational training skill since the labor market out there no longer count degree certificate as the best option for getting employment one need to have special experience or skill in the field he studied at college or university so since I'm studying mechanical engineering at the moment so I chose to split my chances to study both the theoretical aspects and practical application of my career.

For the other question about perfection, I would say it's working progress I do appreciate what I've achieved today and how far I've come in both pursuit of my career and personal financial state presently.

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That's cool.
Though you didn't have to face such options if tbe educational system is well designed. You should be thought both practical and theory, and possibly internship.

Thanks for the feedback internship is only six months.