One Toruk, Two Toruk, Three Toruk

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Content creation is one side of the tokenized blockchain based social media platforms such as Hive and curation is the other. Investing and earning on this blockchain is part of different angles of the same coin, but the main token distribution and generated traffic is driven by the two. At least in my opinion.

I've been a content creator on the blockchain for almost three years now and that's what my intention was right from my introductory post. I took my seat in this category and kept on hustling ever since. I never wished to become a curator, never had the amount of funds that I believe would fulfill me as a curator and probably will never be in this category. My VP has always been ants level, but my drive for putting out content in here exceeds it by a lot.

Throughout my blogging experience on the chain I rarely had any heavy curation trails on my account. I have some mates around here that have put me on auto vote and I'm thankful for their attitude, although I hate auto votes tbh, but other than that, most of the big artillery has been thrown at my content quite randomly. Hence the need for hustling. Nothing was granted so I had to show up and never give up.

And that's what I did. Proof of that is my blog that has been fueled with posts almost on a daily basis, with just a small period of time as a pause in the summer of 2019, for close to three years now. In all that time I haven't attracted any whale to constantly support my content. I guess I didn't deserve it... The one that has played an important role to scoring decent returns on Hive in 2020 has been @appreciator.

This curating account has put a lot of smiles on many of us and am quite grateful for that. What I appreciate more about it is that it doesn't expect anything in exchange. I know, he's getting curation rewards and that's that one face of the coin that I was mentioning about a few paragraphs above, but no deal, no contract, no nothing.


The way I see it, to become a favorite of one of the largest curating accounts on Hive you have to do something for it. You either join the circle jerking or you do tasks. I don't fit neither of those. Not being an outstanding curator means I will never be part of any circle jerking club and being too wild to tame it's clear that I will never write on demand, or should I say play the initiatives game, because I hate that.

If you care that much about the community and want to make the most out of your invested buck(VP), why not randomly curate content or simply scroll through the pile of great content out there and do that without noise. Some have the need to feed their egos though and that's when they start initiatives and somehow dictate on what are people going to blog about... in exchange of some fatty upvotes of course. I don't like that.

99% of my posts around here are spontaneous. Just the result of an idea, a tweet I read, or some post on Hive that got me inspired. I don't play anyone's game and never will, but enough with the crap and lets get TORUK under the spotlight. TORUK is the brand @onealfa took for his LEO curating account, name that's supposedly inspired by @taskmaster4450, and the largest account on Leofinance.

Why am I writing about TORUK? Well, one reason being that in the past ten days I've had three posts upvoted by him, and when I talk TORUK upvotes is meaningless to mention those are 100% upvotes which translates to around 50 LEO per upvote, or even more. Divided by 2, means that he generated me content rewards worth around 80 LEO(about $40) the last ten days... That's gas for one month for me... My old Audi says thank you TORUK.

You know what makes this guy special in comparison with other curators on Hive, despite my personal bias that I got content curated from him, is the fact that he doesn't ask anything in return. He's on Leofinance, you're on Leofinance and all you have to do is write good blog posts and you might get a 100% upvote from him. I know he says he curates exceptional posts, but lets face it, mine are not exceptional... so don't fall on burnouts trying to achieve greatness levels. It's the vibe that matters the most from what I noticed.

You don't have to get into no damn challenge and write on a given topic, you just have to be you and that's what crypto's all about and this damn chain. You said freedom of speech, diversity, mass adoption, wealth distribution... well support that if you believe in it mister. Reward in unexpected ways and in unexpected times otherwise you'll transform the ones you curate into your employees, but you won't have me in that category... Never.

Leofinance is still young and we just have one TORUK atm, but that might change at some point. It depends a lot on us as a community and the evolutionary steps that the platform will take further. If just one guy can make such splashes in a community that's trending for just a few months, imagine how life on Leofinance will be when we'll have two or three Toruk, or even more.

Oh, besides putting smiles on our faces once in a while, without asking anything in return, he sometimes crushes egos to, in the form of downvoting spam or inappropriate content on Leofinance which I appreciate as well. My attitude towards such users is: want a piece of the pie, work for it, like almost everybody in here, nothing comes for free.

Keeping this thing clean is highly important for its long term success. I've seen projects and communities on Hive getting the flame and dimming out quite fast, but this thing seems to be designed for long term.

TORUK is the heaviest player in the curation game but there are many others who play their parts quite well. I highly appreciate him, aside from the vote magnitude, that you don't have to give anything back and all of his curation is done MANUALLY. He's more of a human, one could say :) Time to close this now. I appreciate a lot what @onealfa does, hope we'll have a TORUK on microleo when it will be launched, and also hope it has inspired others.

Thanks for attention and have a great day,

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I agree that onealfa's initiative is amazing! :D
I have set @onealfa.leo as a curation trail because I know 100% that he is upvoting quality contents.

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Beyond upvoting quality content, he's giving in some tangible time to manual curation on the LeoFinance ecosystem. He deserves some love.

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Indeed. Quality is relative after all.

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That's true.

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Your articles may be spontaneous, but they are always relevant, well written and inspiring (the least)
Congratulations, well deserved :) You aced it!

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Your articles may be spontaneous, but they are always relevant, well written and inspiring (the least)

Thank you. I never saw them this way :))

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My eyes are all out for the Microblogging LEO token. We'll all scramble for it while it's cheap lest the price goes 50x after 6 months. beyond, the earning, there's trust to buy them.

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It's definitely gonna be a game changer.

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Microblogging LEO token

Is this microblogging app with LEO token out now? I'm confused lol.

It’s not out yet it will be a seperate site with its own token from what I hear, it’s a play at trying to attract fin Twitter peeps over

No. It's still in works, but once it's out it will have its own token for rewards.

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Awww please update me. I am interested in anything alternative to twitter.

I will. Same here.

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i am always happy and surprised when i see toruk upvoting my posts. The funny thing is that i am always surprised when he upvotes a post of mine because i never actually expect it :P

well i need to get back to my curation. Slowly and steadily i increase my stake, 1400 lp as of today, trying to give back a little something every day!

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That's what I like also, the surprise element.

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Great pleading for @onealfa and I must say that he is one of the curators around here that really puts the work into and that upvotes the posts that bring new things into the platform and also value. I like his approach to do mostly manual curation and I must confess I got inspired by him and @taskmaster4450 to do the same. And I think this is the way to organic growth and one thing that distinguishing us from the other communities and Hive users.

Bring the right content, bring something different, bring a vision, bring something new or usefull and you might be blessed with a valuable vote without being in the inner circle.

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These two guys are two of the strongest pillars this community has.

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want a piece of the pie, work for it, like almost everybody in here, nothing comes for free.

the TORUK is a cool account

i saw this today

i follow all the big Toruk's - it never hurts to make a comment on a post here and there.

I'm not the best content creator at the moment , but i've found i get way more activity on my comments, and it make me feel like a part of something

every now and then i get a reply and it let's me know i'm at least a little blip on the outside edge of the radar = that's good enough for me at the moment ;)

keep up the great creating ;)

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