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RE: From MetaMask To A Writer's Portfolio On LeoFinance!

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that for the explanation but I try before but didn't get much attention but I'm not disheartened I know my content was not that good but anyway do you where I can promote my leo content

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I'll always reward an effort. I think you know better than trying to promote content that needs a lot of work.

I'd definitely work on improving your English and sentence structure before you progress to self promotion. 👍

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thanks a lot that tells me my English is not good because I'm not native

I don't know about your English because I haven't really seen more than fifty words.

Keep at it. Sentence structure is tough, even for native speakers. Reading other native English authors will help a lot.

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thanks, bro

Maybe try writing in your native language? Although the majority of posts/articles on the HIVE Blockchain Network are in English, many folks post in their mother tongue. The Spanish-speaking folks on HIVE lead in this area.

While not the best, there are tools like Google translate that can aid you in translation.

Another suggestion is to search out people that speak your native language here on the blockchain. They can give you tips on producing quality content.

Remember; authoring is not for everybody, but you can still earn rewards by reading and voting on other people's posts/articles (this will also aid you in improving your English skills). I have, in the past, used Google Translate to read posts in languages I do not understand.

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thanks that's a great option for me because engaging has made me more accurate in English